Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some of my 2D animation work

I thought I'd add some stuff to this blog before I forget about it!

I suppose I'll use this second post to have up some examples of my work.

This, below, was my most recent and most major 2D animation project. At my high school we had an annual film fest, which I would participate in every year. For my senior year I really wanted to make something great. I really wanted to do a 2D animated video.

This was my first time working on an animation of this caliber. I never had any professional training or anything, I mainly just read stuff on John K's blog and learned from observing cartoons frame by frame (I love Tivo). I spent a pretty good chunk of my free time working on this.

For this animation I planned a lot of things out, figured out what I wanted to animate for certain lyrics, storyboarded it, etc. Previously the only things I've done were really stream of consciousness short animations that I made really quickly, as shown below.

Those were done earlier in my high school "career" and I've definitely improved since then. I'm in my freshman year of college currently and I'm still improving.

If you're interested in seeing some of my stop-motion or live-action work check out my youtube page.

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Weirdo said...

Cool stuff. I liked it. I hope you are successsful in your pursuit in animation. I hope I am too. Have you ever seen any of Ralph Bakshi's films? His films are great. I just did a post on him.